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How to Find and Book Cheap Rental Cars Near You


Cheap rental car deals are available everywhere, from airports to train stations and from car dealerships to hotels. But how do you find the best rental car deals without getting bogged down in endless research? The answer is simpler than you might think: follow the tips provided below, and you’ll be booking your rental car in no time. 

Finding Cheap Rental Car Deals

Start by searching online for rental car companies. Most rental car providers will have their own websites, so by doing a simple search, you’ll be able to quickly compare prices and offerings of different companies. Once you’ve established which companies seem to have the most cost-effective rental car deals, head over to the airline websites. Many airlines, including the major carriers such as United, Delta, and American, will offer discounts on rental car services if you book your flight through their website. Make sure to check fine print for additional fees that could be applicable. 

If you’re looking for an even better bargains, use a service like Autoslash. This resource aggregates data from all the major car rental websites and applies any known coupons, discounts and promotional offers to give you the lowest possible price.

Negotiating For Cheap Car Rental Deals

When you’ve found a cheap car rental service, it’s time to start negotiating. Many rental car companies will offer discounts to customers who call up directly. You may be able to negotiate additional discounts and waivers depending on the length of your rental period, or secure free additional services such as free parking or a tank of gas. Be sure to inquire about any additional fees that could be applicable.

Another way to save money on rental cars is by looking for discounts available through membership programs such as AAA, AARP or Costco. These groups may be able to offer discounted rates or additional benefits, such as free upgrades or additional add-on services. You can also book in advance – many car rental companies will offer discounts and special offers for those who reserve their vehicle weeks or even months in advance.

You may also want to try haggling. While this tactic may not always be successful, it’s always worth a try. Just keep in mind that car rental companies may want to charge a slightly higher rate if they know they can get it.

Finally, check to see if your destination has a special deal. Some destinations will offer discounts to those who book directly with them, such as business travelers who arrange transportation through the concierge.

Booking Cheap Rental Cars Near You

Once you find the perfect cheap car rental deal, it’s time to book. Begin by checking to see which airports or train stations near you are served by car rental services. Many car rental companies will offer pick-up or drop-off services from the airport or train station, or have locations nearby. If you plan to pick up or drop off the vehicle at a location other than the one you pick it up from, make sure to include that information when you reserve the vehicle in order to get the best rates.

Once you’ve decided on a pickup or drop-off location, it’s time to make your reservation. Start by gathering your rental information, such as vehicle type, rental period and the number of miles you want to travel. Keep in mind that some car rental companies will offer discounts based off of how far you plan to drive the vehicle. 

Double check your rental agreement before confirming. Make sure to confirm the cancellation policy, drop-off times, surcharges, and other details. It’s also important to double check that you have adequate insurance coverage and that you’re familiar with the terms of your rental agreement. 

Once your reservation is confirmed, mark the rental car pick-up time and location on your calendar. Now you’re all set to go out and enjoy a fabulous drive in your new rental car.

Finding and booking a cheap car rental can be a hassle, but taking the time to research and plan ahead can save you both money and stress. With some smart shopping and negotiation, you can easily find cheap car rental deals that fit your budget.

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