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Renting Car in San Juan - Compare Prices


Renting Car in San Juan

Renting a Car in San Juan: How to Enjoy Your Vacation Like a Local

A trip to San Juan is an excellent opportunity to explore the beauty of Puerto Rico without worrying about transportation. With the help of a rental car, you can go sightseeing whenever you want and make the most of your vacation. Here’s everything you need to know before you rent a car in San Juan.

Choosing a Car Rental Service

San Juan has dozens of car rental companies. To figure out which one is the best for your needs, there are several things to consider. You should look for companies that have been in business for a long time and have top ratings from customers. Take the time to read reviews and compare prices. If you’re traveling with a group, make sure the company has vehicles that can hold the number of people that you need.


When you’re renting a car, you should always purchase the most comprehensive auto insurance coverage available. In most cases, you’ll have to get full coverage to protect yourself from damages in the event of an accident. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Know The Rules of the Road

Driving in San Juan can be a little confusing. To avoid getting lost and to make sure you follow all the driving laws, read up on the rules of the road before you rent a car. Generally speaking, the speed limits in Puerto Rico are 35 mph in urban areas and 65 mph in rural areas. When you turn right at a red light, you must always come to a complete stop first.

Staying Safe on the Road

The streets of San Juan can be dangerous. To stay safe, drive defensively, obey all traffic rules, and be aware of your surroundings. Make sure to buckle up and always take a second look before changing lanes.

Gas Prices

Gas prices in San Juan are relatively cheap, so don’t forget to stock up before you leave. However, be aware that there are several gas stations in the city that only accept cash, so make sure to come prepared.

Where to Park

One of the biggest challenges in driving in San Juan is finding a place to park. The city is filled with narrow, winding roads and limited public parking opportunities. When you’re looking for a spot, it’s always best to look for open lots. Many of them are run by private companies and they can be expensive. So, if you’re on a tight budget, look for nearby residential streets to park your car.

Returning the Vehicle

When you’re returning the car, make sure you get an inspection and check for any damage. This is especially important since some companies can hold onto your security deposit for days or even weeks. To make sure you get your money back on time, take photos of the interior and exterior of the vehicle before returning it.

Renting a car in San Juan is a great way to explore the city and experience the beauty of Puerto Rico. Just remember to follow the rules of the road and take all the necessary safety precautions. Have a great trip!

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