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Smart Ways to Save Money When Renting a Car at Shannon Airport


Renting a car at Shannon Airport can be an expensive affair, but there are a few smart ways to save money on your rental. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, following these tips can dramatically reduce the cost of your car rental.

Compare Rental Companies

The first step to finding the best deal on a car rental is to compare rates from several rental companies. To find the lowest rates, you’ll want to check the rental companies both online and in-person. By comparing the rates and services offered by each rental company, you can easily determine which one offers the best deal. Just don’t forget to factor in additional costs such as insurance and fuel costs.

Choose the Right Car

If you want to save money on your car rental, it’s important to choose the right car for your needs. You should never rent a larger vehicle than you actually require, as the price you’ll pay for the larger car can add up quickly. Instead, opt for a smaller and more fuel-efficient car that will help you save money over the course of your rental period.

Book in Advance

By booking in advance, you’ll be able to take advantage of discounted rates that are often available at Shannon Airport. This is especially true during peak travel times when rental rates tend to soar. Generally, you should book at least one week ahead of time to take advantage of the best deals.

Check for Special Deals and Discounts

Rental companies commonly offer special deals and discounts to those who book in advance or who meet certain criteria. Examples of such deals and discounts include seniors’ or student discounts, or sometimes even special “early bird” discounts. Be sure to inquire about any special deals or discounts when booking your rental car.

Opt for a Longer Rental Period

If you need to rent a car at Shannon Airport, it’s almost always cheaper to rent it for a longer period of time. This is because rental rates typically decrease the longer you rent, so if you’re able to extend your rental period, you can potentially get a better deal.

Check For Online Promotions

In addition to the discounts available from rental companies, you may be able to take advantage of online promotions. Deals are often posted on rental companies’ social media pages or websites. Be sure to check online for special deals and promotions before making a reservation.

Look for Package Deals

Package deals are another great way to save money on car rentals. Most rental companies offer package deals that include rental car, hotel, and flight bookings for discounted prices.

Inspect the Vehicle Carefully

Once you’ve chosen a rental car and arrived at Shannon Airport, it’s important to inspect the vehicle carefully. Pay special attention to scratches and dents, noting any dings or dents found in the vehicle. Doing so will help ensure that the rental company won’t charge you for damages that occurred before the rental period began.

Opt for Fuel Upfront

When it comes time to fuel up your rental car, it can be tempting to fill up the tank at the rental company’s rate. However, you’ll usually save money if you pay for a full tank of gas upfront, as gas prices are usually cheaper outside of the airport.

By following these tips, you should be able to save money the next time you rent a car at Shannon Airport. Be sure to compare rates from several rental companies, choose an appropriately sized vehicle, book your rental in advance, and take advantage of special discounts and deals. You can also save money by renting for longer periods of time, looking for online promotions, opting for package deals, and inspecting the vehicle thoroughly before signing your agreement. Finally, you can save money on fuel costs by paying for a full tank of gas upfront. Follow these tips to save money on your next car rental at Shannon Airport.

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